Design a Life You Love to Live

About Me


  • Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling)
  • Diploma in Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Training in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment

As a therapist, I strive to help people make new discoveries about themselves and what helps them overcome the obstacles they face. In terms of outlook, I consider myself to be an optimist, and that the future holds promise. In terms of philosophy, I am an ardent fan of existentialism and the belief that we make meaning of life experiences. I embrace the notion that we are creatures of continual change and transformation, and that we create our own reality and destiny. 

It is my belief that the client is the primary agent of change, and the role of the therapist is to work collaboratively with the client to facilitate change. We are empowered to make changes to our lives for the better. 

As a program provider to the Ministry of Social and Family Development in Singapore, I am in a privileged position of conducting workshops in more than 70 schools, and being able to dispense knowledge to those who seek better understanding and management of couple, parenting and family issues.

My professional credentials include a Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling) qualification, as well as a Diploma in Psychotherapy. My other credentials include a Master of Business Administration degree, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment. 

My interest in helping others has resulted in the publication of two books - How To Be a Hero Dad: 70 Quick and Essential Tips to be the Best Father for Your Kids; and the personal development book, Don't Live Your Life in One Day. 

As an adjunct lecturer in counselling, I keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of mental health. 

Whilst these credentials help facilitate my work with clients, what works eventually is the building of a strong therapeutic alliance that will empower you to design a life you love to live.

I look forward to meeting you.